Friday, June 27, 2008

Disney's Bolt Trailer

Yahoo! Movies has posted the trailer for Walt Disney Pictures' new animated-adventure, Bolt, opening in theaters on November 26. Here's how the studio describes the Digital 3-D film:

For super-dog Bolt (voice of John Travolta), every day is filled with adventure, danger and intrigue—at least until the cameras stop rolling. When the star of a hit TV show is accidentally shipped from his Hollywood soundstage to New York City, he begins his biggest adventure yet—a cross-country journey through the real world. Armed only with the delusions that all his amazing feats and powers are real, and with the help of two unlikely traveling companions: a jaded, abandoned housecat named Mittens (voice of Susie Essman) and a TV-obsessed hamster in a plastic ball named Rhino, Bolt discovers he doesn't need superpowers to be a hero. Miley Cyrus ("Hannah Montana") brings her vocal talents to the role of Penny, Bolt's human co-star on the television series.

Saw V Poster

You can hate the SAW series all you want, but one thing you’ve got to admit is that the poster designs for the series have been some of the best one-sheets in recent years. Lionsgate has released the first teaser poster for SAW V on Shock. And while this isn’t the best poster in the series, it might be the sickest one yet.

In the fifth installment of the “Saw” franchise, Hoffman is seemingly the last person alive to carry on the Jigsaw legacy. But when his secret is threatened, Hoffman must go on the hunt to eliminate all loose ends.

Directed by David Hackl and starring Tobin Bell, Costas Mandylor, Scott Patterson, Betsy Russell, Mark Rolston, Carlo Rota, Julie Benz, Greg Bryk, Laura Gordon and Meagan Good.

SAW V hits theaters around Halloween, October 24th 2008.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

One Final Hellboy II: The Golden Army Trailer!

Universal has released a third and final movie trailer for Guillermo del Toro’s Hellboy II: The Golden Army. Like the recent television spot, the new trailer starts off with the origin story from the first film, before showing off all the cool creatues and baddies in the new film. They have also released the animated prologue which opens the film on As always, tell me what you think in the comments below!

Watch the trailer in High Definition on Apple. Hellboy II: The Golden Army hits theaters on July 11th 2008.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

G.I. Joe Poster Plus Subtitle - Rise of Cobra

The first full poster for the upcoming G.I. Joe movie has been discovered and alongside of it the new subtitle for the film. G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra is now the official title. The guys over at happened to come across this poster at the Cinema Expo in Amsterdam and took a photo for the world to see. I would say it's not all that amazing, plus it's only Duke, play by Channing Tatum, and I'd rather see some of the other G.I. Joe team members instead, like Dennis Quaid as General Hawk or Sienna Miller as The Baroness. However, if this strikes up as heated of a discussion as the new name of Transformers 2, then go for it. You can check out the poster below and discuss the new name in the comments.

G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra

Cobra Command is the fictional nemesis of the G.I. Joe team. The organization is lead by Cobra Commander, a hooded villain regarded as the most dangerous man on Earth, because he can draw followers to him. Additionally part of the Cobra team are Destro, The Baroness, and Storm Shadow. The plot of the film, while unknown for the most part, deals with the G.I. Joe team taking on "an evil organization led by a notorious arms dealer." Hence the new title Rise of Cobra.

G.I. Joe is directed by Stephen Sommers (Deep Rising, The Mummy, Van Helsing) and written by both Stuart Beattie and Skip Woods. The movie arrives in theaters on August 7th, 2009.

Source: FirstShowing

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Spider-Man Will Return in 2011

The Los Angeles Times reports that "Spider-Man" franchise producer Laura Ziskin said the fourth installment is tentatively scheduled to hit theaters in May 2011.

If this ends up being true and Sony does get another Spider-Man made in three years time, let me be the first to say that 2011 is going to be one hell of an incredible year. The Hobbit is going to make its triumphant debut, most likely in the fall, just like Lord of the Rings. Additionally from Marvel, Captain America will make his debut and we'll most likely see the biggest geek dream of all - The Avengers. If Transformers keeps up on its two year schedule, we'll also be watching Transformers 3 in the summer. And if Christopher Nolan keeps up with his three year schedule, we'll probably be watching Batman Begins 3 in 2011 as well. Add Spider-Man 4 to that list and I think most geeks will have fainted.

Already scheduled for the month of May that year are Marvel's own The First Avenger: Captain America on the 6th and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part II.

Neither star Tobey Maguire nor director Sam Raimi is yet committed to work on the next installment, but Sony has paid Marvel to renew its rights.

Would you welcome the return of Spider-Man in 2011?

First Look at Gerard Butler in Lionsgate's Game

Thanks to SlashFilm for unearthing these two new badass photos. At least we've finally got something good to look at while we wait for Lionsgate to actually release a trailer! Excited yet?

Gerard Butler in Game

Gerard Butler in Game

In the not too distant future, Kabel (Gerard Butler), a death row inmate, has unwittingly become a pop culture hero. Every week, millions worldwide tune in online to watch him and hundreds of other convicts battle in Slayers, an ultra-violent multi-player online game invented by technological genius Ken Castle (Michael C. Hall). To the wealthy young gamer who controls his every move, Kable is just a sim character. To the resistance group that opposes Castle's games as high-tech slavery, he is a critical element in their battle to take down the inventor. Caught in the crosshairs of two opposing forces and under the command of a teenager's remote device, Kable must use his extraordinary fighting skills to escape the game, bring down Castle and overthrow the system.

Game is both written and directed by Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor, the two genius filmmakers behind Crank and the upcoming Crank 2: High Voltage and Jonah Hex. The film was produced by Lakeshore Entertainment and is being distributed by Lionsgate. Game currently does not have an official release date set, but should arrive sometime in 2008.

Friday, June 20, 2008

New Mummy Trailer Hits

The Mummy 3 is shaping up to be a fun (even if forgettable) little addition to the summer movie line up. Yeah, I’m looking forward to it.

In Mummy 3 Fraser returns as explorer Rick O'Connell to combat the resurrected Han Emperor (Li) in an epic that races from the catacombs of ancient China to the neon-lit streets of post-war Shanghai and high into the spectacular Himalayas. Rick is joined in this all-new adventure by son Alex (Ford), wife Evelyn (Bello) and her brother, Jonathan (Hannah). And this time, the O'Connells must stop a mummy awoken from a 2,000-year-old curse who threatens to plunge the world into his merciless, unending service

New Cities Trailer for WALL•E!

A third "Cities" trailer for Disney/Pixar's WALL•E has come online. You can watch it using the player below or in other formats via IGN.

Opening in theaters on Friday, June 27, the Andrew Stanton-directed animated film features Fred Willard, Jeff Garlin, Sigourney Weaver, John Ratzenberger, Kathy Najimy and Ben Burtt.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

'The Wackness' Gets a Red Band Trailer

Oh the relief that it brings to finally see a well-cut, red band trailer for the upcoming release The Wackness. As you know, this is one of the films from this year’s Sundance film festival that has had us buzzing all year long, and it will finally hit theaters on July 3rd. Directed by Jonathan Levine (All the Boys Love Mandy Lane), The Wackness stars Josh Peck, Ben Kingsley, Olivia Thirlby and Mary-Kate Olsen in what could be one of the best coming of age flicks in recent history. It tells the story of Luke Shapiro (Peck), a young weed-dealing recent high school graduate who is using his summer of freedom to find out what he wants out of life. And with the help of his therapist/best customer (Kingsley), he may just get the girl of his dreams (Thirlby) and make enough money to get the hell out of his “wack” situation.

Have a look at the red band trailer below, courtesy of IGN:

More Wall-e Vids

This Time our Brave friend plays Soccer and Invites Kids to explore Space... I just Love this little ma... robot.

Wall-E is both written and directed by Pixar's own Andrew Stanton, who wrote and directed A Bug's Life and Finding Nemo. The movie will arrive in theaters everywhere this summer on June 27th.

'Toy Story' in 4-D!

Screw all this 3-D is the future stuff -- what I want is some hardcore 4-D! Kick it up a notch, ya know? I really want to feel this sucker. Well, thankfully, those lunatics over at Disney are already on it -- and, according to The Hollywood Reporter, they've unveiled a new attraction at both Disney theme parks in Florida and California called Toy Story Mania! And it's in 4-D! Hell yeah!Basically, riders throw on a pair of 3-D glasses and are taken through an attraction that has them "appearing to shrink to about toy-size so they might scoot through Andy's room firing virtual projectiles at 3-D targets while collecting points for accuracy." Um, sweet. Can I live there temporarily? (Actually, I did work at Disney World briefly back in the day, and the magic kinda goes away when it's 100 degrees with 100% humidity and you're wearing a ridiculous pair of Lederhosen. Did I just go there? I think I did.)

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

First look at Thomas Jane as Jonah Hex

Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor, the crazy duo behind Crank, have been developing this project to both write and direct, which marks the third big feature film within a few years, including the yet-unreleased movies Game and Crank 2: High Voltage. Our good friends at Film School Rejects received a juicy scoop this morning - the first test photo of Thomas Jane as the character Jonah Hex. Oddly, no casting has been officially announced on this as of yet, so if this turns out being real, it's both a casting announcement and exciting first look all rolled into one!

Neil of FSR assures us that this photo came "from an extremely reliable source inside studio lines." However, if it ends up being a fake photo, we'll be sure to update this right away. Honestly, this was just too good to pass up. I think it shows how unique this adaptation could end up becoming. And I might say the face looks a bit like our friend Two-Face from The Dark Knight.

Thomas Jane as Jonah Hex

Jonah Hex, known for having the right side of his face disfigured and wearing a Confederate army uniform, was a rough-and-tumble gunslinger and part-time bounty hunter whose adventures always ended in blood. The character first appeared in the early 1970s in issues of DC Comics' All-Star Western before getting his own series in 1977 that ran for about 10 years. Neveldine and Taylor are not making a straight-ahead Western, but plan to develop the character with supernatural overtones in the hopes of creating a franchise.

More Wolverine Set Photos

Lake Macquarie News has posted eight more photos of the filming that took place for X-Men Origins: Wolverine at Blacksmiths Beach in New South Wales recently. You can view them here.
20th Century Fox will release "Wolverine" on May 1, 2009.

Angelina Jolie and the World of 'Sin City'

The buzzing murmur for Sin City 2 has been going on for eons now, making fans die a slow death in anxious anticipation. And, for most of that time, Angelina Jolie's name has been in the mix. Back in 2006, Rosario Dawson said that Robert Rodriguez was putting the whole thing on hold due to Jolie's pregnancy. Since then, the project has remained in limbo -- a will they or won't they cycle that doesn't look like it will wrap up any time soon.

But now MTV has talked to Jolie about the potential project while discussing her new film, Wanted. Will she take on Ava Lord in A Dame to Kill For? "I don't know. I found the first Sin City impressive, but I don't know what they're going to do with the next one to make [it] as original as the first one." Well, it's more story on the folks of Sin City, so I imagine it will be a bunch of fresh chills and thrills in the same style -- I'm not so sure what originality she's hoping for.

Now, she did go on to say she would be curious if she was offered the role. I can't tell if she's being polite, or really interested. However, aside from her upcoming delivery and family tending, there's not a lot on her plate, so I imagine it would be easy to slip another dose of Sin City in. Is it time for the Dame? And should Jolie be Ava Lord?

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Len Wiseman to Direct Gears of War

If you're a big Gears of War fan, then I really hope you liked Live Free or Die Hard. Hollywood Reporter officially confirms that Len Wiseman, who directed the fourth Die Hard last year, is officially signed on to direct the Gears of War movie currently in the works. This was initially announced last year and since then have reported on various rumblings, including a rumor that the film was canned. Apparently the New Line merger, since this was a New Line film, didn't affect this project too much - because Wiseman is now attached and the project is actually moving forward as a big summer blockbuster. Screenwriter Stuart Beattie has been replaced with Chris Morgan instead, however, which may hurt the film more than help.

Gears of War, developed by Epic Games, became an instant success when it debuted on the Xbox 360 in November 2006. It became one of the most popular games on Xbox Live and sold more than 3 million units worldwide in its first 10 weeks. It received numerous awards, including Gamespot's Game of the Year and the Interactive Achievement Awards' Overall Game of the Year. Set on the planet Sera, the game thrusts players into a battle for survival between humans and a race of creatures that surface from the bowels of the planet known as the Locust Horde. Players assume identities of soldiers on Delta Squad, specifically the character of Marcus Fenix, as they fight to save Sera's inhabitants.

Cliff Bleszinski aka CliffyB, the lead game designer for Gears of War and Epic Games, worked with Stuart Beattie on the original 21-page treatment before handing it off to Chris Morgan to finish. Morgan previously wrote the scripts for Cellular, Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift, and the upcoming Wanted. If you're concerned about this film, Bleszinski tries to calm our fears. "Hollywood needs to take the source material seriously, win over the avid gamers and make it work for an audience that is young and old, male and female." He continues, "Disney made a great movie out of a theme park ride, and somebody is sooner or later going to make a great one out of a video game. Having someone like Len really helps the odds. I think we're going to create something special here."

Before I get too far into the discussion of how great Gears of War could be, let me say that I really did not enjoy Live Free or Die Hard. But maybe it was the script and terrible ideas for an action movie that annoyed me more than Wiseman's directing. All I know is that with Wiseman directing and Morgan writing, I'm very concerned for this movie. I really don't think Wiseman is the one who is going to show us how good video game movies can be. Thankfully this probably won't hit theaters until 2010, meaning we'll see Jerry Bruckheimer's Prince of Persia before this hits. Maybe that will be the first movie that will kick video game adaptations into high gear.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Vatican bans 'Angels & Demons'

ROME — “Angels & Demons” has been prevented by the Vatican from shooting in Rome churches, a Vatican official confirmed on Monday, saying the “The Da Vinci Code” sequel is incompatible with religious sentiment.

Sony’s Ron Howard-directed thriller toplining Tom Hanks, which started rolling in Rome June 5, had last year requested permits from Rome authorities to shoot in the monumental church of Santa Maria del Popolo and the smaller Santa Maria della Vittoria, where key scenes in the eponymous Dan Brown bestseller are set.

Under Italy’s treaty with the Vatican both the Italian government and the Vatican needed to grant the permits, and the Vatican balked.

“We often provide our churches to productions whose purposes are compatible with religious sentiment,” said Father Marco Fibbi, a spokesman for the Rome diocese.

“But not when the film pursues a type of fantasy that damages common religious sentiment, as in the case of ‘The Da Vinci Code,’ ” he added.

The Roma and Lazio Film Commission, however, bent over backward for “Angels,” which in past weeks did shoot the exteriors of the two churches, and also of St. Peter’s and of Rome’s Pantheon.

“Angels & Demons” production this week moves from Rome to the former Royal Palace at Caserta, near Naples, which will double for the Vatican’s interiors.

First look at Ninja Assassin

SlashFilm has revealed the first few official photos from the film that set the tone and feel of what we can expect next year. For those anxiously looking forward to Ninja Assassin, this is our first glimpse at Rain in action and a few scenes from the film.

The first two photos show actors Sung Kang and Togo Igawa and the last one shows Naomie Harris and Ben Miles.

Ninja Assassin

Ninja Assassin

Ninja Assassin

Ninja Assassin follows Raizo (Rain), one of the deadliest assassins in the world. Taken from the streets as a child, he was transformed into a trained killer by the Ozunu Clan, a secret society whose very existence is considered a myth. But haunted by the merciless execution of his friend by the Clan, Raizo breaks free from them… and vanishes. Now he waits, preparing to exact his revenge.

In Berlin, Europol agent Mika Coretti (Naomie Harris) has stumbled upon a money trail linking several political murders to an underground network of untraceable assassins from the Far East. Defying the orders of her superior, Ryan Maslow (Ben Miles), Mika digs into top secret agency files to learn the truth behind the murders. Her investigation makes her a target, and the Ozunu Clan sends a team of killers, led by the lethal Takeshi (Rick Yune), to silence her forever. Raizo saves Mika from her attackers, but he knows that the Clan will not rest until they are both eliminated. Now, entangled in a deadly game of cat and mouse through the streets of Europe, Raizo and Mika must trust one another if they hope to survive… and finally bring down the elusive Ozunu Clan. Does Ninja Assassin look good so far?

Lawrence Kasdan Penning Robotech

The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed CHUD's story that veteran screenwriter Lawrence Kasdan has been hired to write Robotech Warner Bros.' adaptation of the anime classic.

Lawrence Kasdan, most well known for the screenplays from Empire Strikes Back, Raiders of the Lost Ark, and Return of the Jedi, has been hired to write the adaptation of the 1980s cartoon series. Tobey Maguire is one of the many producers involved in bringing this series to the big screen previously said that "there is a rich mythology that will be a great foundation for a sophisticated, smart and entertaining film." With Kasdan involved, that might actually be a possibility.

Robotech takes place at a time when Earth has developed giant robots from the technology on an alien spacecraft that crashed on a South Pacific isle. Mankind is forced to use the technology to fend off three successive waves of alien invasions. The first invasion centers on a battle with a race of giant warriors who seek to retrieve their flagship's energy source known as "protoculture," and the planet's hope for survival ends up in the hands of two young pilots. Robotech was a 1980s cartoon series that was re-edited and re-dialogued to combine three Japanese anime series.

As much as I don't want to jump to conclusions so quickly, Lawrence Kasdan's involvement definitely is a good thing. He also recently signed on to the Clash of the Titans remake. I'm very interested in seeing if he's still able to write great scripts, considering his last major film was that horror sci-fi flick Dreamcatcher from 2003. I'm not that familiar with Robotech either, but if Kasdan can actually put together a script that could start a new era of sci-fi action, then definitely count me in. I think the concept sounds promising, but it's so unique that it'll be hard to determine whether it has actual potential until we hear more about the direction Kasdan will take it in. However, it's a great start to hear that he's involved and I think this means that Warner Brothers and Maguire definitely aren't taking this adaptation lightly. Does Kasdan still have it in him?

Eva Mendes eyes 'Bad Lieutenant'

I'm not sure what to think of this Bad Lieutenant remake (or re-imagining) since the first one was so ridiculously off the charts that when news first broke about a re-do, most folks gave a look like they just stepped on a cockroach and the thing was still squirming around all half-squashed and whatnot. Translation: "Yuck ... really? They're remaking THAT film?" Nevertheless, if anyone can make this sucker shine, it's Werner Herzog, and Variety now tells us that Eva Mendes is eying a role opposite the already-cast Nicolas Cage.

Apparently they're straying quite a bit from the original, so all we know at this point is that Cage will play a corrupt cop who likes to play dirty. In the original, Harvey Keitel starred as a corrupt cop investigating a nun's rape, though there's no word on whether that storyline will remain in this new version. If so, will Mendes play the nun (originally played by Frankie Thorn)? Mendes and Cage last worked together on Ghost Rider aka Crap Rider, which I have seen and I wont comment(what?!? I'm speechless)... However, I've been waiting to see Mendes get a little nutty on screen since she usually plays it safe. This should be an interesting one to watch, whaddya think?

Saturday, June 14, 2008

New 'Spirit' Poster: Silken Floss Does More Than Type!

The latest Spirit poster comes to us by way of Yahoo! Movies (click image for larger version). It looks like we may be getting a new poster for The Spirit every Friday night -- which is appropriate given their tone so far. Last week brought us a saucy Eva Mendes, this week's poster is an equally naughty Scarlett Johansson. Her tagline is quite the eyebrow raiser, isn't it? I am not sure if she's directing it at the audience, or if you are meant to be instructing her. Given that Silken Floss is a villainous young secretary, I am thinking the latter. (How very Maggie Gyllenhaal of her!) I'm not sure I like this ad campaign so far. But still I'm far from being impressed.

The Spirit opens December 25th, 2008.

What do you think?

Friday, June 13, 2008

Clooney is The Tourist

Warner Bros. has set Anthony Peckham to adapt "The Tourist," an Olen Steinhauer novel being developed as a potential star vehicle for George Clooney, says Variety.

Smokehouse's Grant Heslov, Nina Wolarsky and Clooney will produce.

Acquired by WB in the fall, "The Tourist" is a contemporary international thriller about a spy who risks everything to reveal a conspiracy after he's accused of a murder he didn't commit.

Universal drops the rain

Raindrops keep falling on my head. And just like the guy whose feet are too big for his bed, nothin' seems to fit ...

Okay, this new project isn't quite the same as the Oscar-winning Hal David and Burt Bacharach song, but it's close enough, and probably inspired it -- Variety reports that for mid-six against high-six figures, Universal Pictures has picked up a new comedy spec called Raindrops All Around Me.

Written by Reed Agnew (Crank Yankers) and Eli Jorne (Fletch Won), the script focuses on "a socially inept high school teacher who learns to 'dumb it down' in order to fit in with the people around him." I'm assuming that this means outside of school, but I imagine that it could work either way -- dumbing it down for peers, or for the students he teaches.

There's currently no word on who will direct the film, but Ben Stiller will be one of the feature's producers through the Red Hour banner, so hopefully that means good things for the flick.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Movie Review: The Incredible Hulk [2008]

Contributed by Sarhan "Tsar" Rashid

Considering the fact that it took WB almost 10 years to get a Batman reboot into cinema halls it's amazing what a swift job Marvel has done with bringing the Hulk back on screens. The question on everyones mind is if the movie will be worth the trouble? I hope to help answer that question with my review of The Incredible Hulk later today.

Look out for that!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Iron Man 2 in 2010? Unrealistic, says Favreau

According to Marvel, “Iron Man 2” is due out 2010. According to actor Terrence Howard, who'll be reprising his role as Jim Rhodes for the sequel, it starts filming next March.

This is news to director Jon Favreau (and star Robert Downey Jr, the filmmaker says) who has stated on his MySpace page just how unrealistic Marvel's plan to have the film in theaters within two years is.

''It’s been five weeks since the one and only phone call my reps have gotten from Marvel. I know their hands are full with the Hulk and I’m sure they will get into it shortly, as they tell me they intend to. I ran into the Marvel guys at the Hulk premiere and everyone sounded eager to get to work on IM2.

I am concerned, however, about the announced release date of April 2010. Neither Robert nor I were consulted about this and we are both concerned about how realistic the date is in light of the fact that we have no script, story or even writers hired yet. This genre of movie is best when it is done thoughtfully and with plenty of preparation. It might be better to follow the BB/DK, X/X2 three year release pattern than to scramble for a date. It is difficult because there are no Marvel 09 releases and they need product, but I also think we owe it to the fans to have a great version of IM2 and, at this point, we would have less time to make it than the first one.''

Favs answers more fan questions too, click here to read

So They Are Making a Live-Action Smurfs Movie!

The Smurfs

Earlier this year we posted what were supposedly the first shots of early CGI designs for a Smurfs movie. After some nasty e-mails from people involved, it turns out that the photos had nothing to do with any movies. Alas, here we are four months later confirming news that there is actually a Smurfs movie now officially in the works at Sony. J. David Stem and David Weiss, who wrote the last two Shrek films, are in negotiations to write the screenplay. Producer Jordan Kerner actually secured the rights in 2002 and has been developing it at Paramount, however Sony has separately decided to get it into production as a hybrid live-action feature. I wonder if that post earlier this year had anything to do with it?

This will mark Sony Pictures Animation's first hybrid film, which is a live-action blend of CGI characters and real actors, as was seen with Alvin and the Chipmunks last year. Given the success of that film (an enormous $217 million at the box office), Sony decided that there was definite potential to turn the Smurfs into a similar kind of family film. "The Smurfs are one of the best-known franchises, and among the most beloved collection of characters in the world," Columbia co-president Doug Belgrad said. "We're very excited to introduce a new generation to Papa Smurf, Smurfette and the other smurftastic Smurfs in all of their 'three-apple-tall' glory."

The Smurfs, or Les Schtroumpfs as they were originally called in French, first appeared in October 1958 in the Belgian comic magazine Spirou. They were created by the Brussels-born cartoonist Pierre Culliford - better known as Peyo - and were originally mere supporting cast in his medieval Johan and Pirlouit series. (via Time) Hanna-Barbera later produced a very successful animated TV show featuring the Smurfs that aired from 1981 to 1989 for around 256 episodes.

Initially I was open to the idea of a Smurfs movie, primariy because I am very curious to see how it would turn out and I once enjoyed the TV show. However, now that I know this is being made like Alvin and the Chipmunks, I'm really no longer excited. I admit that I never even saw Alvin and the Chipmunks, but that's because I was turned off at the animation to begin with and thought it was way too childish. I would have much preferred a normal CGI version of the Smurfs. We'll see how this eventually turns out, but right now all the signs point to this being awful. I know it'll be a huge hit at the box office with the kids, but I'll pass. Does a live-action Smurfs sounds exciting to you?

First look at Nic Cage in Alex Proyas' Knowing

Just last week, FirstShowing wrote about the plot details of Knowing, the latest sci-fi thriller film from Alex Proyas. Now just a week later production has started and the first official photo has been revealed. USA Today has debuted our first unimpressive look at Nic Cage as Ted Myles, but at least it gives us a great idea of what to expect - catastrophic mayhem. As a reminder of the story, in Knowing, Cage discovers a letter buried in a time capsule outside a school. It doesn't mean anything to him until he sees the digits 911, which sets him on a course to prevent further catastrophes. Maybe Proyas will finally get back to his roots?

Both Nic Cage and Alex Proyas speak out regarding 9/11 concerns. "I know that number jumps out at people," Cage says. "But that's just a beginning point for the movie. And that doesn't mean you can't mention it. It's time for a return to dark thrillers that are relevant. We're already living in a world where up is down." As for Proyas, he gives one of the best explanations. He explains that although a film should lose its aim to entertain, "there's still a need to address what's going on in people's lives. Hopefully, we do it in a light that's a positive experience but still responsible." Amen to that!

Nic Cage in Alex Proyas' Knowing

It seems that the filmmakers involved in Knowing may be just a bit worried that the mention if 9/11 may bring up bad memories for moviegoers, but I think they're just covering themselves. What I mean is that both Cage and Proyas addressed 9/11 in the article, which is interesting because with films like United 93 and World Trade Center, I didn't think it was such a big issue anymore. Anyway, I'm looking forward to Knowing and hope that it delivers like Proyas' older films The Crow and Dark City.

Wanted Red Band Trailer

Universal Pictures has brought online a new Red Band trailer for Wanted, directed by Timur Bekmambetov and coming to theaters on June 27th. The fantasy-thriller, based on Mark Millar's graphic novel, stars James McAvoy, Morgan Freeman, Terence Stamp, Thomas Kretschmann, Common and Angelina Jolie.

You can watch the Red Band trailer via iTunes here!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Extended Clip From WALL•E!

Disney/Pixar has released this extended clip from WALL•E, opening in theaters on June 27. Written/directed by Andrew Stanton (Finding Nemo), the animated adventure features Fred Willard, Jeff Garlin, Sigourney Weaver, John Ratzenberger, Kathy Najimy and Ben Burtt.

Teaser for Steve Martin's Pink Panther 2

Columbia Pictures has released the teaser trailer for Steve Martin's The Pink Panther 2 online. Opening February 6, 2009, the Harald Zwart-directed comedy co-stars Jean Reno, Emily Mortimer, Andy Garcia, John Cleese, Alfred Molina, Molly Sims, Aishwarya Rai and Yuki Matsuzaki. You can watch the teaser at the official site.

'Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa' Trailer Lands Online

Yahoo! Movies has the first look at the trailer for Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa, and yes, all those sassy creatures that moviegoers dug to the tune of $193.5 million in the summer of 2005 are back, and this time... the penguins still seem to be stealing the show (I don't really have anything against the first movie, but the penguin-centric holiday short spin-off was itself far more amusing and, as such, has been included after the jump.)

From the look (sound?) of things, the entire voice cast is back, as lion Alex (Ben Stiller), hippo Gloria (Jada Pinkett Smith), giraffe Melman (David Schwimmer), and zebra Marty (Chris Rock) try to return home to New York City from the eponymous island on which they were last stranded. Sacha Baron Cohen also appears to be returning to his role as the nutty Julien, king of the lemurs. Those working on the production have been tight-lipped as to whether or not hijinks and/or pop culture references ensue.

With original directors Eric Darnell and Tom McGrath at the helm, Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa - although they're technically already in Africa - is scheduled to open opposite the latest from James Bond and Clint Eastwood on November 7.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Wall-E's Andrew Stanton Writing John Carter of Mars Movie

John Carter of Mars

The news that Pixar would be adapting Edgar Rice Burroughs' classic sci-fi series John Carter of Mars has been out since last year, but only recently has it been confirmed that Andrew Stanton is writing the adaptation. Back in October last year, Pixar confirmed that they're working on making a total of three John Carter of Mars films, with the first arriving sometime before 2012. Details have been rather sparse since then, most likely because Disney and Pixar want to keep the project a secret for the time being, but some confirmation has finally arrived. The Pixar Blog confirmed directly from Wall-E director Andrew Stanton himself that he is indeed currently writing John Carter of Mars.

There aren't too many details known yet, but this is great news for fans of Edgar Rice Burroughs' series. In addition to directing Finding Nemo and Wall-E, Stanton also wrote the screenplays for Toy Story, A Bug's Life, Toy Story 2, Monsters Inc, Finding Nemo, and Wall-E. While John Carter of Mars isn't exactly family friendly like all of the previous films Stanton has made, it's a wonderful opportunity for both Stanton and Pixar to branch out and explore in a new genre. The project has been in production hell for quite some time but it now seems like Pixar is the studio to finally move it into the production stage.

The Princess of MarsThe first novel in series, titled The Princess of Mars, was originally published in 1917. John Carter is a red blooded American civil war hero and fighting man from Virginia. A strange incident whilst prospecting in Apache country propels him to Mars where he immediately encounters the enormous war-like green men of Mars and the planets equally alien landscapes, animals and technology. Soon Carter falls in with the red men (and their beautiful red women, including Dejah Thoris, Princess of Helium, in particular) and his non-stop adventures begin.

I'm not all that familiar with the series, but others, like Hunter of SlashFilm, seem quite enthusiastic about it. Considering it's a beloved sci-fi classic and considering Pixar never goes wrong, I'm expecting this to be nothing less then extraordinary. Of course, it would help if I read a few of the books first, but considering this won't hit theaters for at least another three years, I think I've got some time. One of the most intriguing rumors surrounding this project involves whether Pixar will make this their first live action feature or whether it will be animated or whether it'll be some interesting combination of the two. However they decide to do it, I'm sure I'll end up as enthusiastic as Hunter by the time it hits theaters.

Full photo of Frank Frazetta's John Carter of Mars art (seen at the very top) can be found here. Does John Carter of Mars sound more like a Pixar movie you'd be interested in instead of Cars 2?

Friday, June 6, 2008

Official Title Revealed - Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen

Hasbro has officially announced that the title of the upcoming sequel will be Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen. In addition, they reveal that the story will focus on a key character from the first movie who makes a dramatic comeback and attempts to settle a score. Who could it be? Jazz? Megatron? Maybe both? Stars Shia LaBeouf, Megan Fox, Josh Duhamel, Tyrese Gibson, and John Turturro will all reprise their original roles. Additionally, Rainn Wilson, Matthew Marsden, and Nina Dobrev have all joined the film. With just barely over a year to go until release, it's time to start building buzz for Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen!

Transformers producers Tom De Santo, Don Murphy and Lorenzo Di Bonaventura are all back again. The story for Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen was written by Transformers writers Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci while the screenplay was written by Ehren Kruger (The Ring, The Brothers Grimm, Blood and Chocolate). Michael Bay is currently filming and will release Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen next summer on June 26th, 2009. Now that we've got an official title, some new story details, and more buzz, how many of you are going to come out of the woodwork and profess your love for Transformers? What do all of you think of the new title?

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Transformers 2 Set Photos

Photos from the rainy shoot of Transformers 2 has hit the interwebs. Looks like there was an explosion at Bethlehem Steel, and a military standoff with some big giant robots down the street. I’ve included 4 photos below, but you should head on over to TFW2005 for 63 more photos!

Transformers 2

Transformers 2

Transformers 2

Transformers 2

Wanted Pics

Universal Pictures has provided us with more photos from Wanted, opening June 27th, starring Angelina Jolie, James McAvoy, Morgan Freeman, Common, and directed by Timur Bekmambetov. You can view the photos by clicking here! The official site for the movie has also updated with a Games Module, updated dossiers of all the characters from the film, and more.