Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The calm before the summer storm

I just wanted to let everyone know that the reason there is a lack of updates this week is because there literally is nothing new. There is no major news coming out of anywhere and it's all quiet on every front. I suppose this could be called the calm before the summer storm. Iron Man hits theaters in just over a week and will officially kick off the 2008 summer movie season. Studios and producers and directors are all working fiendishly to finish their big blockbusters and prepare an enormous amount of marketing and publicity to reign down beginning in May.
It'll pick up again soon, that's a guarantee…

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  1. yeah it's time to watch some good movies, I was talking with some friends, and we are totally agreed with something, we want a movie based in the wild adventures of Duke Nukem, yeah I know that is a little bit hard, but why not? will be funny watch in real life action movie someone saying "hail to the king baby!"