Thursday, July 1, 2010

Damon Lindelof to Start Writing Star Trek 2

Thanks to a Twitter by Damon Lindelof, we are now told that he is sitting down to start writing the sequel to last year’s reboot success story Star Trek.

/Film reports:

Vacation officially over. Ready to boldy go. That tweet was filed by Damon Lindelof on Tuesday. Returning from his well deserved post-Lost vacation, Lindelof is ready to get to work full time on scripting the Star Trek sequel with Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci.
Damon Lindelof

I am very surprised that they are waiting this long before even getting started on writing the script. In this day and age when sequels are getting the green light before the first movie comes out, Star Trek is taking its sweet time birthing a sequel. 

In order to hit their original target release date for Star Trek 2 (Jume 29th 2012) this will need to be written, filmed and post production done in two years, but its entirely possible. 

I loved the reboot and I look foward to actually seeing Star Trek outgrow its original fame and popularity. It was such a sensitive subject to take something so loved, that the fans were no longer supporting and try to start over. I could see why they would wait to see a reaction before jumping ahead with a sequel.

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