Thursday, August 7, 2008

Gore Verbinski to Adapt Bioshock

Gore Verbinski is set to direct an adaptation of Take-Two's hugely popular videogame title Bioshock. According to Variety, this is the first project in the recent three-year first-look deal that the director signed with Universal Pictures.

The Aviator screenwriter John Logan is adapting the story for the big screen. The events in the film will revolve around a mysterious event that happens to the underwater world known as Rapture. Verbinski stated, "The people here have a genuine passion for filmmaking and a deep appreciation of the cinematic experience. I look forward to taking my own productivity up a notch both as a producer and director, by building a brand that will focus on my core business while synergizing multiple forms of entertainment."A sequel to the videogame is being produced for release in 2009, and will make its appearance before the film is finished shooting. The film is looking at a potential 2010 release date.

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  1. this pic is very stupid, sorry
    but it is'nt a good work
    Protectors don,t ave a face, they just a pack of organs in a combinaison...
    i'ts explained in the video game u_u"