Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Jolie to take Cruise movie role

Angelina Jolie is to play the lead role in an action thriller which was previously earmarked for Tom Cruise, according to a report.

The film will be a screen return for the star, who recently gave birth to twins, says Variety.

The script of espionage action flick Edwin A Salt will be reworked and the title changed, it adds.

Universal made Jolie's role in the film more high profile and focused its promotion on her, reports Variety.

Russian spy

Cruise had a long-standing connection to Edwin A Salt and several other male actors wanted to replace him before Jolie expressed an interest in the script.

The newspaper added that the screenplay would not require radical rewriting to fit Jolie.

She will play a CIA officer who is accused of being a Russian spy and goes on the run until she can prove her innocence.

The actress is close to a deal to secure the role, while another forthcoming film, Atlas Shrugged, is also being touted as a return vehicle for the actress.

Jolie, 33, gave birth to Vivienne Marcheline and Knox Leon in France last month.

The new film has yet to go into production and is not expected to be released until at least 2010.

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