Saturday, March 15, 2008

Metal Gear Solid Movie in the Works - Kurt Wimmer Being Confronted

I still haven't seen a quality video game movie yet, which is unfortunately disheartening because there are so many great video games out there. Jerry Bruckheimer's Prince of Persia is one of a few coming up in the next few years that could finally break that mold. One of the other ones that everyone has their sights on is Metal Gear Solid, Konami's best-selling video game about the adventures of elite US special ops solider Solid Snake. ComingSoon recently caught up with producer Michael De Luca, who confirmed that they're trying to get the movie back in gear and are talking to Equilibrium director Kurt Wimmer.

De Luca confirms that they're now trying to move forward on the project now that the writer's strike is over. The first step is obviously getting a script written, but unfortunately no writers have been mentioned yet. However, De Luca said that "they hope to meet with [Kurt] Wimmer in the next few weeks to talk about him writing the script (and presumably directing)." While we can expect more official announcements in the near future, at least a movie is in the works and De Luca is pushing to try and get the ball rolling again.

Kurt Wimmer is a filmmaker who made one hell of a directorial debut with the cult classic sci-fi film Equilibrium in 2002. Before that he only wrote the scripts for movies like The Wolves, Sphere, and The Thomas Crown Affair. Wimmer went on to write and direct Ultraviolet in 2006 and also wrote the script for the upcoming Street Kings.

Initially Wimmer was the guy that "fans wanted" to direct a Metal Gear Solid movie after Equilibrium had hit. Unfortunately I don't think he'd turn out a great script because of how bad Ultraviolet was. As much as I loved Equilibrium, that was his first movie and I really didn't like the story or script, only the fighting and visuals. And all in the same, this isn't confirmed - De Luca is only talking to him, and it could end up that he has absolutely nothing to do with the film.

Hers a sample of the game

I'm curious whether a Metal Gear Solid movie could actually turn into something good. I feel like there is hardly anyone out there that could actually churn out a good script for a movie, unless they call Hideo Kojima (producer and writer of MGS series) but I may be wrong. Thoughts?

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  1. i agree, no one other than hideo is capable of actually turning msg into a decent movie. and definatley not hollywood they would only commercialise and ruin the concept of the msg series. or i could be wrong but in any case can't wait to see the movie