Saturday, March 15, 2008

Spielberg to direct first TinTin, Jackson Second

Peter Jackson and Steven Speilberg have announced that their TinTin Trilogy project is well underway and they have announced their choice for directors. Each other.

Cinematical says:

As you may remember, Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson are collaborating to bring the popular Tintin series to life. Now comes the news, from a recent Andy Serkis interview, that Spielberg intends to tackle the first film and Jackson the second. No one yet knows who might be directing the third film./blockquote>I was never a fan of TinTin, but it still registered on my radar. I had no idea it had enough of a following to justify a movie with such big names behind it.

Are you looking forward to this because Spielberg and Jackson are directing the first two chapters?
Or are you looking forward to it because it is a TinTin Movie?

Or did you just Google TinTin to find out what it is all about?

Source: TheMovieBlog

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