Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Aladygma, is it Cloverfield 2?

Apparently from readers this is a new JJ Abrams project that is REPORTEDLY the code name for Cloverfield 2. It is however important to note that JJ Abrams has more then one untitled covert film in the works. He also has an untitled supernatural project in the works. So what is Aladygma? I have no idea but if you do shoot us an email. Cloverfield 2 whether its named Aladygma or not is well under way.

Production charts have made it known that Drew Goddard will write CloverField 2. Cant really complain since the first movie was fantastic. IS it just me though or is JJ Abrams getting all the credit? Matt Reeves the directors name is hardly mentioned, nor is the writer. Anyrate I am sure you are all stoked for a sequel since so many of you loved the movie.

Paramount has to complete discussions with Reeves, Producer JJ Abrams and scribe Drew Goddard. Then of course they will have to spin together another tale for Cloverfield. Once that is complete what storyline can they go with? Another story out of the first break out? Or perhaps follow up on the ending of the first?

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