Friday, July 9, 2010

Jet Li Reunites With Tsui Hark

It's eighteen years since the two last collaborated, but Tsui Hark and Jet Li are set to re-team for the 3D action-fest New Dragon Gate Inn, according to China Radio International (well-spotted JoBlo).

The director and star previously brought us the first three instalments of the awesome Once Upon a Time in China series, where Li played his signature role of folk hero and Hung Ga martial artist Wong Fei-Hung. Their relationship on the third was reportedly somewhat fractious, but they've put aside their differences for the opportunity of creating a new classic of cinema asskickery. We're sure the several million dollars was just a sweetener.

New Dragon Gate Inn is a remake of the 1992 Dragon Inn, which Hark produced. The film, set during the Ming dynasty, will see Li play General Chow Wai-On, who has a fateful date with power-covetous eunuch Tsao Siu-Yan at the titular deserted hostelry. Xun Zhou (Beijing Bicycle, Confucius) is on-hand as the inn's slinky owner, but casting for Tsao has yet to be announced.

Shooting starts in September. Jet Li's first non-martial-arts film, Ocean Heaven (previously aka Ocean Paradise) is released in China shortly.

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