Sunday, March 22, 2009

Watchmen and Wall-E Mashup Video

Watchmen and Wall-E Mashup Video
I know that we are pretty much done talking about Watchmen for the moment, but this is just cool, and I wish I would've seen it earlier in the year before Watchmen had hit theaters. I'm not normally a fan of most YouTube trailer mashups, but this one featuring Wall-E visuals and the Watchmen trailer audio is just plain awesome. Thanks to YouTube user TM2Megatron we can see what it would be like if Zack Snyder had made Wall-E in the same style as Watchmen (or so that is the joke). Being a big fan of both movies, I did get a kick out of watching this, and it's just one of those funny weekend videos you've got to check out.

"In anticipation of the upcoming release of Watchmen, I decided to take a crack at what many have done for other films; and set the audio from Watchmen's epic IMAX teaser to scenes from one of my favourite films of all time. So sit back, and enoy WALL•E redone in Watchmen's style!" The entire trailer was done in very high resolution, so I've got to give props to TM2Megatron for doing such a great job on putting this together. Even if you hated one or both of these films, you should still be able to enjoy this either way. And if anyone else comes across any other cool trailer mashups that are this well done, please let me know!

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