Monday, March 9, 2009

Dakota Fanning Cast in New Moon

It’s been the worst-kept secret in Hollywood (well, apart from the one about [CENSORED] being massively [CENSORED]) for months, but finally it’s been officially confirmed that Dakota Fanning has joined the cast of Twilight sequel, New Moon. You now have permission to squeal with excitement, Twilight fans.

The extraordinarily precocious Fanning – no relation to Irish music journo Dave Fanning, we presume – will play ancient and morally ambiguous bloodsucker Jane in the Chris Weitz-directed movie, which had better start filming soon, given that it’s got a November release date.

Jane, of course, is a member of the Volturi, a clan of Italian vampires that I knew all about and didn’t have to look up on Wikipedia, honest. Immortal peacekeepers that protect the secret of vampirism, they factor into the plot when Robert Pattinson’s Edward Cullen [Spoiler Alert] takes his massive hair to Italy, moping over the apparent loss of his soulmate, Bella (Kristen Stewart), and yearning for death. Or a new stylist.

The child-like Jane is one of the more prominent members of the clan, and has the ability to create illusions of pain. It seems that Fanning – who has admitted to being a big fan of the Stephenie Meyer novels on which the film series is based – may well be perfect casting for the role.

Other members of the Volturi, including their leader Aro, who can read thoughts once he’s touched the person involved, Marcus, who senses relationships (what a spectacularly useless power), and Alec, who can block senses, have yet to be cast. But expect firm announcements on those fronts very soon.

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  1. How right you are, that IS a spectacularly useless power. It makes me think that the minor characters created serve only as vessels to provoke certain situations. And as acceptable as that is in movies or books, it annoys me that I was able to realize it's unreality so easy. I don't want to be a Twilight fan, I don't want to read the books because I most likely will become obsessed. I don't even care for the movie itself, I did however extremely enjoy the scene with Robert Pattinson and Kristin Stewart getting it on. I got a bootleg and was utterly crushed when I had been already 40 or some other minutes well into the movie just to see that scene only to find that the bootleg I had cut that very scene out. I don't like Twilight. I could care less about Dakota Fanning. I do, however, want Robert Pattinson on every surface area that pertains to my body.