Wednesday, January 21, 2009

50 Cent is now a Filmmaker

50 Cent is the prime example of how money makes everything better.

He isn’t happy with his fabricated rap star super star status, he also has a clothing line (so macho) as well as shares in a vitamin drink recent bought out by CocaCola. Now he thinks he is a movie star and a director. So all that good money he makes will be aimed at his newly launched production company Cheetah Vision.

And no, he didn’t just buy up a name and a business license, he already has stuff planned. The first of which he shared in the article over at Yahoo!

He said Cheetah Vision had already bought eight scripts and among the first to be produced would be “The Dance,” starring himself and Nicolas Cage.

“(The script) was previously passed around a little bit but both me and Nicolas Cage had an interest in the film so it will still happen. He plays the founder of a boxing program, and I play a fighter who goes to state prison,” 50 Cent said.

“They are all different types of movies that I bought the rights to, and we’re developing projects. You will see different things from me in the future,” he said.

I am not a fan of … well anything this guy does. He is a rapper and that already puts him outside my circle of influence. His fame got him everything else he wanted, but so far the guy (or his staff) have handled his money well.

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