Friday, October 17, 2008

It's Official - Jason Bourne Back in Action

Trilogies are no longer the big thing in Hollywood. Universal is moving forward with a fourth Jason Bourne movie, tentatively titled Bourne 4. Although this news was confirmed back in September, Variety announces today that Universal has hired a writer and is giving full support to the production in hopes of having it ready by 2010. Interestingly, Universal really did intend to end the series with The Bourne Ultimatum (as we saw with the ending of the film), but after it made $227 million at the box office, they decided to go ahead and make another. Ultimatum writer George Nolfi has been hired to pen the sequel.

The fourth book in the Bourne series was written by Eric Van Lustbader, not Robert Ludlum, and thus the studio has decided to go down their own path choosing a story this time. Producer Frank Marshall said they'll probably take Bourne "down south" to South America in the fourth film, but story details aren't fully finalized. Matt Damon and Paul Greengrass, who directed both Supremacy and Ultimatum, will return again for Bourne 4. Considering The Bourne Ultimatum is still one of my favorite movies from last year, I'm very glad to hear that they're continuing on. Especially because it's the closest thing to becoming a new James Bond style franchise that could go on endlessly

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