Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Transporter 3

JoBlo debuted the US version of the Transporter 3 poster and it's that same kind of image that you'll be very familiar with - Jason Statham jumping through the air with his two guns drawn. This looks so familiar because it was the same design used on the posters for the first and second Transporter movies, as we've added below as well. In very short time, the buzz for Transporter 3 has blasted through the roof. I'm guessing it'll have a solid opening weekend, which is a testament to the badass nature of Jason Statham. Anyway - check out the poster in all of its glory below.

Transporter 3 Poster

For reference, we've thrown this poster up next to the posters for the first and second Transporter movies. It's great to always see them continue designs and not skimp with something weak for the finale.

Transporter PosterTransporter PosterTransporter Poster

Transporter 3 is directed by French filmmaker Olivier Megaton, of Exit, The Red Siren, and Angie previously, with a script penned by both Robert Mark Kamen and Luc Besson, the same two who also wrote the first and second Transporter. Lionsgate will be releasing Transporter 3 on November 26th later this year. How about this for an end to a trilogy?

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