Thursday, July 17, 2008

Pitt and DiCaprio for Inglorious Bastards

Tarantino has been shopping around for someone to pay for his Inglorious Bastards, and now that he has had some promising sit downs with one potential star and plans on another bigger star, the guys with the cash are lining up.

ComingSoon says:

The director met with Brad Pitt in France on Tuesday to talk about the possibility of Pitt playing the key role of Aldo Raine. Tarantino also plans to meet with Leonardo DiCaprio for another lead role, that of Hans Landa, on Thursday.

Now I really like Brad Pitt, so I am game for just about anything he is in. But that statement goes DOUBLY strong when DiCaprio is involved.

This gets me interested in this film, and I am already tired of Tarantino, and I have no idea what this movie is about having never been exposed to the material. So getting these guys involved might have the same effect on others who don’t list Tarantino as their cup of tea.

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