Thursday, July 17, 2008

John Woo fires off 'Caliber'

Filmmaker John Woo has been hired to direct an adaptation of the upcoming comic book Caliber that will debut next week at Comic-Con. The comic story sets King Arthur and his knights as 19th century gunslingers in the Pacific Northwest. Apparently this one necessarily be Woo's next film, since he's finish up work on his two-part epic Red Cliff and has other projects lined up afterwards, including a film titled 1949. Woo has been criticized quite a bit here on the site, as he's one of the few directors who I genuinely hate. This project sounds like one of the worst he's planning to take on, similar to Paycheck, another disastrous film that he directed. Does anyone think Caliber could be any good?

There's not much out there on this Caliber comic yet and that's because Radical Comics is launching the first issue at Comic-Con. So the comic has no buzz, a terrible concept, and they just brought on one of the worst action directors still working today - this sounds destined to be an instant flop. I'm already predicting, four or five years out, that this is going no where at all. American audiences really don't want to see the King Arthur legend told as a 19th century western, especially after The Dark Knight changes the way everyone looks at comic book movies. I really hope John Woo retires much sooner than later, because I don't want him making flops like this anymore and wasting my time. However, you're more than welcome to read up on the comic over at the publisher's official website:


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