Wednesday, July 9, 2008

First Max PayneTrailer Hits

The first trailer for John Moore's adaptation of the video game Max Payne has finally arrived. After months and months of waiting and immense early praise, we finally have our first look at what to expect in this upcoming video game adaptation. Honestly, I'm impressed, very impressed, by this trailer. It won't be what you expect, but it might leave you quite excited. I really love the visual style and this time I think Mark Wahlberg will kick ass. I have no clue what that angel was at the end and if there is a dark fantasy or paranormal element to this, but that scene was pretty intense. I've been looking forward to this since I first heard about it and now I'm truly excited to see it.

This is an international trailer courtesy of We expect there to be a different American version that might hit theaters soon as well. Although this looks much different from the games, it still looks very entertaining. Does the trailer live up to all of your expectations?

Max Payne is directed by Irish filmmaker John Moore, of Behind Enemy Lines, Flight of the Phoenix, and The Omen previously, with a screenplay written by first-time writer Beau Thorne. The film is based on the popular Max Payne series of third-person-shooter video games that first arrived in 2001. Fox is debuting Max Payne in theaters on October 17th just before Halloween.

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