Thursday, June 5, 2008

Oliver Stone's W Teaser Poster

First Look: Oliver Stone's W Teaser Poster

One of the more talked about films this year will certainly be Oliver Stone's W. As filming continues in Louisiana for a quick October release, we get our first look at some of the artwork behind the project from In discussing the film, Stone has often said it will be a fair portrayal of the 43rd President. Seeing this material and the many "Bush-isms" is pretty much the writing on the wall for how this will pan out. That's not to say Oliver's previous statements were wrong; portraying the facts can certainly be considered a fair account. But I imagine any hope for a positive light is quickly dwindling. Was anyone really holding their breath?

The teaser artwork can be seen below in full. We hope you get a kick out of this like we did.

Oliver Stone's W Teaser Poster

It's amazing to think these remarks came out of the mouth of our President. Democrat or Republican, this is quite embarrassing. Culling all of these wacky quotes into one place definitely makes me think the W instead stands for "What!?!". I'll definitely be seeing the film and will probably enjoy it seeing as that Bush will be out and gone only a few months past its October 17th release.

W. is directed by Oliver Stone (Platoon, Wall Street, JFK, Nixon, Alexander) with a screenplay written by Stanley Weiser (Project X, Wall Street). Lionsgate recently picked up the distribution rights to W. and will be releasing it this fall before the election.

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