Thursday, June 5, 2008

John Moore Reimagining NASA's Capricorn One

Capricorn One

Filmmaker John Moore, of Behind Enemy Lines, Flight of the Phoenix, The Omen, and Max Payne, has been attached to direct a remake of Capricorn One. The original film is a 1978 sci-fi thriller about a group of astronauts who were supposed to be sent on NASA's first manned mission to Mars. When their rocket's life support fails last minute, NASA pulls them and the ship is launched unmanned, but NASA requires them to fake the landing and stay in hiding to prevent public humiliation. Elliott Gould and James Brolin starred in the original. Moore's version is described as an updated, reimagining written by Eragon and Jurassic Park III writer Peter Buchman. Not much more is known, but it sounds like a fun project.

Although I'm not at all familiar with the original film, I usually take an interest in anything sci-fi given my love for the genre. The premise sounds promising and I'm curious whether Moore will be better at sci-fi than anything else. So far he's been rather mediocre when it comes to war (Behind Enemy Lines), action (Flight of the Phoenix), and horror (The Omen). Hopefully he didn't get caught up in the video game movie stigma with Max Payne either. The idea sounds so cool that I want this to be good, but right now I'm just not sold on Moore. He needs to really show me he is actually capable of making something entertaining. Until then, I'll wait and hope that he learns some tips from Ridley Scott.


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