Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Rumor: Matthew McConaughey Possibly Captain America - Blasphemy!

Rumor: Matthew McConaughey Possibly Captain America

Say it ain't so! Hot on the heels of Marvel's announcement yesterday of a Captain America movie for 2011, a scoop from Cinema Blend names Matthew McConaughey is one of the actors in the running for the lead role. Please tell me this is all just a big phoney rumor like Hayden Christensen as Superman! It would easily be the biggest travesty in all of Marvel history if McConaughey was cast as Captain America. The scoop says that although the film is still three years out from release, they're currently searching for their star and he is one of the few that is being considered. I really hate talking about rumors like this, but everyone is hungry for something to chew on after Marvel's announcement and here it is.

While Cinema Blend claims their source is reliable, this whole idea is not only a bit far fetched, but a final decision won't be made for quite some time. In case you're not familiar with Captain America, he is (typically) the altar ego of Steve Rogers, a sickly young man who was enhanced to the peak of human perfection by an experimental serum in order to aid the United States war effort. He can be identified by his American flag-like uniform and indestructible shield that can be thrown as a weapon. In the most recent comics, he has become the leader of The Avengers, which seems like the direction Marvel is going in with the movies: The First Avenger: Captain America and The Avengers both in 2011.

The real question regarding the upcoming The First Avenger: Captain America is how they're going to turn him into a character that can actually be appreciated in today's day and age. Captain America was originally created in the 1940's as patriotic government propaganda in order to help encourage even more animosity towards the Nazis. Matthew McConaughey is not only a piss poor actor to begin with, but he really doesn't seem to find the iconic Captain America that I envision. Not only does the right person need to be a very commanding actor, but the character needs to really be adapted into modern times and given the right story to succeed in a world where patriotism isn't the biggest focus anymore.

I'm pretty sure I know that everyone is on the same level of me in my distaste for McConaughey as Captain America. Instead, I'm curious to hear what people really think about the character and who might be a better choice consideration the aspects of him. Leave your thoughts below!

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