Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Common Joins Terminator Salvation

Rapper/actor Common (upcoming Wanted) has signed on to co-star in Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins for Halcyon Pictures, reports Variety.

Christian Bale, Sam Worthington, Anton Yelchin and Moon Bloodgood have already boarded the project, which will be distributed by Warner Bros. domestically on May 22, 2009. Sony will release the film in most international markets.

The story centers on John Connor (Bale), now in his 30s, who leads what is left of the human race in a battle against the machines. Common will play a freedom fighter and member of Connor's inner circle.

McG directs from a script by John D. Brancato & Michael Ferris and Paul Haggis.

Dan Lin, Mortiz Borman, Victor Kubicek, Jeff Silver, Derek Anderson and Jeanne Allgood are producing the film.

Source: Variety


  1. I wrote about Common being in Terminator 4 over at Highbrid Nation and I was interested in seeing what others had to say on the matter. All I have to say is that Common must have a heck of an agent because he's constantly getting good roles though he doesn't appear to be that great of an actor. I've also already convinced myself that T4 will be a very different beast than the Terminator movies I grew up on. They are including rappers in the cast and have anounced PG-13 rating. Even as a hip hop blogger I have to say "no thanks". Give me the blood and gore and keep the kiddies out.

  2. ===================================
    "Give me the blood and gore and keep the kiddies out."

    Totally agreed.