Friday, April 4, 2008

Denzel to be part of "The Matarese Circle"

While Universal try and twist Matt Damon's arm into doing a fourth "Bourne", another Robert Ludlum book-cum-film is gearing up.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, "The Matarese Circle" has attracted Denzel Washington's interest, whose attached himself to the project.

The script revolves around two secret agents -- an American and a Russian -- who must work together to fight a mysterious group of killers known as the Matarese. The twist: The agents, Bradley Scofield and Vasili Taleniekov, have been nemeses for years, with each responsible for killing someone close to the other. According to those familiar with the pitch, Washington would play Scofield.

Michael Brandt and Derek Haas, the scribes behind Lionsgate's "3:10 to Yuma" and upcoming Universal tentpole "Wanted," are attached as writers. Veteran producers Lorenzo di Bonaventura and Nick Wechsler are on board as producers.

Nearly all the major studios have heard at least a version of the pitch, with several thought to be keenly interested; however, no deal had been struck.

Give it a week, it'll sell.

Source: MovieHole


  1. Hi!
    This is Nomsa, a 17 year old girl from Africa.I just thought I'd say "MAn, you rock!" I know and everybody will agree with me on this, Denzel Wahsington is the best and he makes the best movies ever! I wish that one day he will come to Africa, Swaziland and I will get a chance of a lifetime to act with him in one of his kick-butt movies
    I love you Denzel, you will always be the best

  2. Hi
    This is Nomsa, I was wondering, is there a chance I can keep in touch with Denzel? I would like to ask him some questions about hi carrer and what makes him America's sweetheart. Apart from that, he never makes the unnecessary headlines ever!
    He is indeed an angel
    I love you Denz! (that's what I call you)

  3. If you read this and can get to Mr. Denzel Washington then please ask him.

    Why does he use the name "Davenport" in many of his characters.

    Also please let him know and this is the point of this entry in this blog.

    The Matarese will not be pleased in a movie.

    Ask him, as we respect his great acting, to skip this one as there are many movies for him to do.

    We thank you in advance.