Saturday, March 15, 2008

New Robocop Movie On the Way?

The Robocop films have definitely gotten worse with every release. Especially recently it seems almost like they began targeting the films for little kids with puny looking action figures and whatnot. The Robocop films I remember were bad ass, adults only. Will we ever see another film like that? Now yesterday I would have said no way in hell.. However today some news has popped up that may give Robocop fans some hope.

AICN tracked down a press release in which MGM was mulling over there franchises that they were going to turn into major motion pictures. Among those Robocop was mentioned! So is there a possiblity we could see a movie in the near future? I think the better question is, "Will it still be as bad ass as the original?".

If they do decide to make another Robocop film my only hope is that they make it as violent and as insane as the franchise was in the beginning. If MGM is listening we want some ED-209 action! This sequel has got to be over the top in every aspect. Its what made the movie great in the first place. Please deliver the goods!

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