Tuesday, March 11, 2008

First Looks at max pain

OK, so the first photo to emerge from the set of the big-screen video game movie Max Payne probably isn't as exciting as we would like it to be. But, I've been in this business long enough to know I should take what I can get. Dark Zero has the first picture of Mark Wahlberg on set of the action flick, and to be expected, he's in full scowl (you can also get a glance at a slightly more relaxed Wahlberg on-set here).

Payne centers on a NYPD detective in Hell's Kitchen. When his family is brutally murdered, Payne is left to uncover the reasons why, all the while being accused of the crime himself. Throw in the mafia, corrupt corporations, and shady lady named Mona Sax, and you have all the ingredients of a decent noir thriller. It was just announced that Mila Kunis (Family Guy) will star as Sax. In the film, Kunis will play a young woman who joins up with Payne to get revenge for the murder of her sister.

Payne just started shooting in Toronto, Canada last week. Director John Moore (Behind Enemy Lines) had hinted that the film might aim for a PG-13 rating. But if you take out the violence from Payne, what exactly do you have left? I guess we will find out when Max Payne hits theaters on October 17th.

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