Friday, March 21, 2008

Fantastic Four Franchise Dead?

I will be honest and say I never got the chance to watch any of the Fantastic Four movies. I was never much for the comic book and the word on the street was that none of the films were ever that good. However I am still gonna check them out eventually if its just to check out Jessica Alba in tight leather.

At first it seemed like they may be doing a Fantastic Four 3. Both Jessica Alba and Michael Chiklis had offered up ideas for the next film. But Chris Evans who portrayed Johnny Storm has just put the brakes on all of that talk. The MTV Movie Blog caught up with the actor who told them, “I’m pretty sure we won’t do [another] one. I’m assuming that one is a closed book.”

After the first one was released we got wind of potential titles and plots [almost immediately], and I’ve heard nothing from anyone at Fox [yet],” he grumbled. “We had all planned on doing [another] one but if there were going to be a third I think a week after the second one was released we would have heard.”

Now even though Fantastic Four 3 is an unlikely project he didn't turn down the possiblity of playing Johnny Storm once again. When asked if he would ever like to do a cameo in a film like Hulk, Spider-Man or Iron Man he responded, “Absolutely, If Johnny Storm wanted to make a pop in appearance in one of those movies that would be a treat.”

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