Friday, March 21, 2008

DiCaprio circling the script “The Low Dweller”

Leonardo DiCaprio is circling the script “The Low Dweller”, which a young 27-year-old Pennsylvania native sold last week for near a million bucks, says Variety.

The script, by Brad Ingelsby (who last week was working for his father’s insurance business), is a dark drama set in 1986 in Indiana. The plan is for DiCaprio to play Slim, a man who gets released after serving years in prison for murder, and wants only to follow through on his promise to marry his long-suffering girlfriend. That is, until he discovers that his loser brother has been murdered after getting involved in a seedy midwestern gambling racket. While Slim did time for a murder he couldn’t avoid, he decides he can’t skip out on his obligation to avenge his brother’s murder.

Not a bad catch getting Leo DiCaprio attached to star in what’s your first sold script. But even better? Getting Ridley Scott’s interest to direct.

Ingelsby, who spent two years studying screenwriting at the American Film Institute before returning home to write on the side, learned his good fortune when his agents rang the phone at his parents house. He owes a thank you to Focus Features creative exec Michael Pruss, an acquaintance of Ingelsby who read “The Low Dweller” in January and loved it so much that he circulated it among agents. WMA quickly signed Ingelsby, then tied in Scott Free. Soon, DiCaprio’s Appian Way came aboard, with both shingles producing with Relativity’s Ryan Kavanaugh.

Source: MovieHole

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