Tuesday, March 25, 2008

BluRay Profile 2.0 and BD-Live Discs on the way

In case you live under a rock, BluRay won the Civil War of High Def DVD Formats™. So now you can relax, and go out and get yourself a new toy. But you might want to wait for Profile 2.0 Players for special edition BD-Live discs.

What is BD-Live?? Yahoo News tells us:

The musical spoof “Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story” and the Arnold Schwarzenegger sci-fi thriller “The 6th Day” will be the studio’s first two BD-Live titles. Their release coincides with the launch of a new software update for Sony’s PlayStation 3 that makes the game console the first Blu-ray player with Internet connectivity, an ability known as “Profile 2.0.”

Ultimately, all Blu-ray players will be Profile 2.0. When the format launched in June 2006, Blu-ray players were of the basic Profile 1.0 kind, meaning they could offer neither picture-in-picture nor Internet connectivity, something the doomed HD DVD rival format offered from Day 1.

I am thankful that this Civil War of High Def DVD Formats™ only lasted about two and a half years instead of its predated Format War between VHS and Beta that arguably lasted 13 years.

Source: TheMovieBlog

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