Friday, June 22, 2012

‘The Prototype’ Teaser: ‘Act of Valor’ Company Does Sci-Fi

The Bandito Brothers surprised a lot of people with Act of Valor earlier this year, a small-budget feature starring active-duty members of the military which provided a fresh perspective on a tired genre. They've got a few other projects in the works, but none of them sound as promising as their newest endeavor.

Deadline points us to a new teaser for The Prototype, written and directed by Andrew Will and starring "Justified" and Captain America actor Neal McDonough. With a budget of under $40 million and thematic similarities to Neill Blomkamp's fantastic District 9, you don't want to miss this sci-fi action. Here's the teaser used to sell The Prototype from the Bandito Brothers via Deadline:

Apparently the project wasn't supposed to be auctioned off until later next month, but after the teaser leaked, a studio could swoop in and scoop this one up any time now. Somebody certainly should, because the visual effects are excellent and, more importantly, it looks like there's a hint of a solid storyline involved, too, meaning it won't be just a series of chases with no emotional attachment to the characters. The acting was the worst part of Act of Valor, but if Will and the Bandito Bros. can pull quality talent like McDonaugh for the teaser, let's hope they're able to round out the cast with similar talent and give us a truly memorable spiritual successor to District 9 as soon as possible. Thoughts?

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