Friday, June 8, 2012

Mozambique now has digital 3D cinema

Citizens of Maputo were given something to cheer about as the first 3D cinema in the country opened its door  (yesterday for the VIP and press)  and today doors are open to general public.
Unfortunately I wasn’t invited... Funny hun? The only movie blog in the country wasn’t invited to the first 3d experience ever in this country... Which means I don’t know shit of what went down yesterday. I guess that’s what you get for being a rogue blogger that no one knows… 
Anyway I’ve been reading some local forums, users are happy about the prices 200MZM about 7.4$ for a ticket, plus glasses 50MZM about 1.9$. According to international standards these seems great to me. Considering Maputo usually never follows international standards (each owner of anything follows only his own pocket standards…. Its total anarchy around here). Folks were even waiting for prices to get close to 1000MZM (37$). So this is definitely great news, thanks to Lusomundo for this great Achievement. Hope they do well and (invite me next time)
I’m also happy because now I don’t have to travel all the way to Nelspruit - South Africa (about 200 km) to make a 3d review (which I never did in fact).

A user sent me some shaky iPhone photos of the premiere which a share right away.

Mohamed Bachir owner of Maputo Shopping

3d Projection

4 Movies enroled for this week

Till now, Maputo had only 3 movie Theaters operating and from those, one shows only bollywood films. The other two (both also managed by Lusomundo) were in very bad shape and strugled to stay alive showing 4+ months old movies. Barely having any public. The heavy film piracy striking Maputo, played a very important role on the sad fate of these two cinemas. Both theaters are now closed, one (Cinema Gil Vicente) for a major renovation and the other one (Cinema Xenon) was sold.

The New auditoriums are inside Maputo Shopping Center, a popular shopping center in Maputo.

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