Thursday, November 25, 2010

First Poster for Liam Neeson's Action Thriller 'Unknown'

We’ve already seen the trailer for Unknown, the thriller that finds Liam Neeson back in Taken mode – which is to say, he’s angry because the bad guys have stolen something and he’s going to get it back by any means necessary. And now the poster is online.

Uknown, adapted from Didier van Cauwelaert’s novel Out of My Head finds Neeson as Dr Martin Harris, a man who arrives in Berlin with his wife (January Jones). But after a car accident, he awakens to find that no one recognizes him and, to make matters worse, another man (Aiden Quinn) has assumed his identity.

Naturally, the authorities don’t buy his sob story, and soon Harris is on the run from assassins, with only a mysterious cab driver (Diane Kruger) on his side. So instead of meekly giving into his fate, the good doctor decides to go all action hero.

Director Jaume Collet-Serra’s previous work includes Orphan and House of Wax, so I'm hoping that the switch from horror to action will see him make a better movie than his other efforts.

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  1. This guy has been making good movies lately. He was in a few movies and then disappeared for years, but then he did Taken and A-Team and now he's back in the action genre once more. Also I say he is a crazy person and the end will be some crazy twist of some kind.