Wednesday, June 30, 2010

What About a Street Legal Tron Lightcycle?!?

The good folks at Parker Brothers Choppers have a dream, to make you so damn super cool that people will literally foam in their pants just for the chance to make eye contact with you.

Why wouldn't they, as you pull up in your custom Lightcycle all Troned out, looking mighty spiffy and ready to party? It's virtually impossible not to want to rip your clothes off. Hell, I don't even know you and I already want to have your baby.

Moving on....

There are only 5 Lightcycles being made and you can only get them through the Parker Brothers ebay auction which goes off-line July 2nd. Each bike will be numbered so as to make it even that much more awesome. And, needless to say, you must have at least $35,000 laying around so that you can purchase one.

As for some of the more interesting aspects, each custom made bike includes glowing neon accents, either a gas powered or electric engine, and a Tron helmet that may or may not hold in your brain if you happen to crash your very expensive movie bike (for gear heads, read the ebay listing for all the actual bike-lingo info).

Happy Bidding!

source: Sci-fi Wire

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