Monday, June 14, 2010

The Concert Poster

Here's a treat for all the Inglourious Basterds out there: a look at the UK quad for Melanie Laurent's new film, The Concert, where she plays a young violin player who is key to the sneaky plans of a conductor-turned-janitor who's out for payback. So pretty much business as usual for her, then.

The story has it that thirty years ago, conductor Andrei Simoniovich Filipov (Aleksei Guskov) was fired from the Bolshoi orchestra for hiring too many Jewish musicians. Now, working as a mere janitor at the ballet and learning that the orchestra has been invited to play in Paris, he determines to gather his old favourites and a new prodigy (Laurent) and go in their place...Well, there's no way that could lead to a series of hilarious misunderstandings and/or nailbiting moments as the audacious group try to pull the whole thing off.

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