Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Cairo Time Poster

ComingSoon.net has your exclusive first look at the poster for Cairo Time, starring Patricia Clarkson, Alexander Siddig, Elena Anaya, Amina Annabi, Tom McCamus, Mona Hala. Written and directed by Ruba Nadda, the film opens on August 6th.

Clarkson plays Juliette, a fashion magazine editor in her 40s, who travels to Cairo to meet her husband, Mark (McCamus), a UN official working in Gaza, for a three week vacation. When he is unavoidably delayed, he sends his friend Tareq (Siddig), who had been his security officer for many years, to escort her throughout the beautiful and exotic city. The last thing anyone expects is that they will fall in love.

Cairo Time is a romantic drama about a brief, unexpected love affair that catches two people completely off-guard.

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