Monday, March 2, 2009

New Terminator Salvation Posters and Photos

The end of the world is nearly here and this is what the future looks like. These are the indivdual character one sheets a full Terminator Salvation quad and a whole bunch of stills, just in time to remind us of their faces before the new trailer hits later today.

Featuring shots of a serious Christian Bale armed to the teeth, Worthington showing off a rather fetching trench coat and Terminator with glowing eyes, gritted gnashers and a massive gun, there are also stills of Bale and Bryce Dallas Howard examining some Terminator specimens as well as Worthington held at gunpoint by Anton Yelchin, and facing off with Bale.

Brand New Salvation Character Posters
Click the image above to view larger versions on Yahoo! Movies

terminator salvation

In case you have been hiding in a bunker waiting for the fallout, the McG take on James Cameron's Terminator franchise is set to reach US cinemas May 21 and the good people of Blighty on June 5.

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