Saturday, March 7, 2009

Michael Bay Admits Megatron Is Back In Transformers 2

To be fair to Michael Bay… he did warn us over a year ago that he would purposefully leak fake information about Transformers 2 in order to keep everyone guessing and blur what rumors and “leaks” are true and which ones aren’t. As an online film fan I hate that… but I’ve got to admit it was probably the most brilliant thing he could do.

One of the things he said early on was that Megatron was NOT going to be back in Transformers 2. I think most of us suspected this was one of those “fake” pieces of news since, how can you have a Transformers movie without Megatron in some way, shape or form?

But with information leaking out… including a picture of a Megatron toy in the full Transformers 2 packaging, it looks like Bay has had no choice but to come out and confirm that Megatron is indeed back. Our friends over at IESB give us this:

From Bay’s site, “Okay cat is out of the bag. Megatron is back —- but you will only get to see him from the long lost past. We go way back in time as this movie explains the mythology of the Primes. He is not a tank like everyone suggests, but an alien vehicle. But sadly he does not has much screen time. Michael”

This is like A-Rod having to admit he did roids after getting caught. But here’s the thing… even though Bay has admitted Megatron will be back, I don’t think he’s telling the truth about how much Megs will be in the movie. I suspect he’ll have a much larger role than what Bay is letting on right now. What do you think?

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