Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Bruce Willis Getting Sued Over “Three Stories About Joan”

Looks like Bruce Willis is getting sued over, and is suing over a project called “Three Stories About Joan”.

Here’s the thing. Film producers are desperate to get “names” attached to their projects to make them stand out… and when you finally get a “name” attached you use that name to get other people involved, to get distributors interested and get other “names” interested as well. Basically, getting a “name” can make or break your project, especially when it’s a name like Bruce Willis.

At the same time, talent like Bruce Willis takes a big risk when they commit to a project. They have to block out weeks or months of time… time they could be working on other project and making millions of dollars. It means they have to turn down other big projects that come along because they’re already committed. So if the project you’re committed to suddenly falls through, they can be out millions of dollars.

So it appears the situation at hand goes something like this:

- The producers of “Three Stories About Joan” had an agreement with Bruce Willis to star in and direct.

- Bruce pulled out

- The Producers are suing Willis for $4 million for pulling out

- Bruce is going to counter sue saying the producers broke the agreement first by failing to put up money into an escrow on time

- It’s all basically a big mess.

If everyone is telling the truth here (which rarely happens) then I’m going to have to side with Willis on this. People in this business flake all the time, so if someone misses putting up money by a certain agreed upon deadline, then you have no option but to assume they’re gong to flake or be unable to meet their obligations.

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