Friday, February 6, 2009

'Watchmen' Video Outlines the Anti-Vigilante Keene Act

You've gotta know that even though we've got a ton of trailers and other funky tidbits, the Watchmen marketing push is far from over. Now, as we enter the last long month of waiting, we can see how these masked modern heroes came to be. How they were thrust into the shadows, removed from their crime-fighting ways until some retired, and others gained a fair bit of gut flub. Yes, Nite Owl, I'm looking at you.

Above you can check out a public service announcement that explains the Keene Act -- the McCarthy-esque plan to rid the world of masked superheroes. The rules are simple: no masks, no capes, no gadgets or experimental weapons, and no dangerous unlicensed vehicles. I wonder, does the same apply to masked sports mascots, magicians, and Van Damme's thighs? And really, that act is kind of silly. I mean, couldn't a hero just take off their spectacles to disguise themselves (a la Superman), take off the cape, use only mainstream weapons, and drive sports cars? No? I guess that's not flashy enough.

You can see the results of the Keene Act on March 6.

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