Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Terminator Salvation’s T-600

We get our first look at the predecessor to the Arnie model Terminator with the beefy T-600 Terminator from the upcoming Terminator Salvation.

Coming Soon says:

The image is part of the magazine’s March preview of the upcoming “Terminator Salvation” video game, which is a prequel to the movie.

Obviously this is the model they were using to eradicate the Human race while it was still a bullet game. They resorted to the elusive skin job robots later, which required a much more human proportioned (albeit Mr Universe proportioned) scale.

This film is going to focus more on the robot vs human war, so it makes sense that we would get to see the killing machines earlier models.

This being the big reveal for their March issue, it makes me wonder how print publications still thrive

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  1. The two I'm waiting for is fast and furious4 and ninja assassin.