Monday, January 5, 2009

Michael Myers Mask from Rob Zombie's H2


The photo comes from Zombie's own MySpace blog, where he mentions that make-up artist Wayne Toth is "back on the case working the greatest Michael ever." The photo at the top is from Zombie's original Halloween to reference any changes. It doesn't look like that much of a modification, but then again, I'm not a big Halloween fan so I'm not able to pick out all the minor differences.

Note: While it doesn't officially say that this is only a maquette, I'm guessing that this is just an early sculpt of the mask and that it obviously won't be orange and it will have hair in the end. Thoughts?

H2: Halloween 2 Michael Myers Mask

Rob Zombie is both writing and directing H2: Halloween 2 which is already slated for release on August 28th later this year. Are there enough fans of Rob Zombie's reboot to keep this franchise going? And those of you that are hardcore Halloween fans — what do you think of this new mask? Good or bad?

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  1. i thought that rob zombie's halloween left a
    bad taste in my mouth...but hopefully
    H2 will be alot better..the mask is good,
    the director is good, o i hope the film
    will be good...