Sunday, December 7, 2008

Will Smith Reveals I Am Legend Prequel Story Details

Ever since it was officially confirmed that Warner Brothers was developing an I Am Legend prequel, we've been anxious to find out what exactly it would be about, since there's not much of a story to tell besides what we've already seen. However, Will Smith has finally cleared the air this weekend, since it took a long time for Smith and director Francis Lawrence to actually figure out a good story to tell. Collider picked up the news, directly from Smith, who said that, "it's essentially the fall of the last city - the last stand of Manhattan." In it, a "small band" of people would be forced to go to first go to Washington D.C., then back to New York City after D.C. falls as well. And of course, "yes, the dog will be a puppy."

I'm personally very supportive of the idea of a prequel, because I loved I Am Legend and with the same creative people leading the team this time (Smith and Lawrence), I'm expecting to see something just as good. I agree with Collider in that this sounds like a great idea. "Imagine a big road movie with a few characters having to fight their way somewhere and then returning and having to protect the last city." It's kind of a twisted way of telling the story of Robert Neville - we've already seen how it all ends and how he dies, but now we get to see the story about him becoming the last man alive. And if that's what we're going to see, then I'm definitely excited. Hopefully it doesn't take too long to get into production. Thoughts?

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