Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Zac Efron Boarding the Black Pearl?

The latest rumor hitting the high seas -- MTV UK reports that Zac Efron has signed on to star in Pirates of the Caribbean 4, for the prime sum of 6 million pounds -- a deal that would also glue him to another HSM sequel. But rumor control is already in the works. MTV, stateside, reports that this all came from The National Enquirer, and that there's no truth to the story. They talked to Efron, who says the rumors aren't true, although he'd definitely be interested. Gee, ya think?

Whoever cooked up this rumor at least thought it out -- Zac might not be interested in more HSM, but I bet he'd agree to more for the chance to star in a huge Disney feature that reaches beyond the teen girls and allows him to act alongside Depp. And from the studio's side, Sparrow's last male rival couldn't hold a torch to Johnny, so I wouldn't be surprised if Disney did it again.

Orlando Bloom might have been one heck of a Legolas, but I just hated him in Pirates. His charisma, or lack thereof, was no match for Depp, and to give Johnny another star that can't give him a run for his money ... that would be a shame. This franchise's best bet: focus on Sparrow with a few co-stars who can rival Depp's charisma and chemistry. Any suggestions?

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  1. so so glad they are making a 4 but if zac efron is iti will never watch it and i am the biggest pirate fan in the world i could act the movie out because i watched it so many times i love pirates but not zac efron