Friday, October 24, 2008

Universal Bringing EA's Army of Two To the Big Screen

The word on the street today is that the next video game movie destined to fail has now gotten the green light and is moving forward. The game is “Army Of Two” and is actually being penned by The Bourne Ultimatum co-writer Scott Z. Burns. The folks over at MovieWeb give us this:

Selling more than “1 million units since it launched in March” game is “a two-player action contest in which a pair of private military contractors fight their way through a web of intrigue. Because people experience the game in pairs, playing two guys who go against the world, Scott and I agreed this format presented an opportunity to make a great buddy film,” Burns stated.

I’m not going to go into all the various reasons I have no faith in these movies yet again, but does this game even have a built in audience? Quite frankly I haven’t even heard of this game until today (keep in mind, while I do play games, I’m not the most up to date gamer by any stretch of the imagination).

Have any of you guys played “Army of Two”. If so, what are your thoughts on it. Think it could (snicker snicker) make a good movie? Give us your thoughts.

For the heck of it, here’s the Army of Two game trailer:

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  1. Actually, Army of TWO really could make a good movie. Mostly action, similar to something like Bond. By no means is it simply clasified as "another gaming movie destined to fail" like the, dare i say it, MARIO BROTHERS, but on the contrary, the game was based largely on the story, with lots of cutscenes, plenty of dialogue as opposed to other FPS games, and many parts were so intense, i could easily see a Film or at least a sequel being made.