Monday, October 20, 2008

Dennis Quaid and Ben Foster in Pandorum

Pandorum is directed and co-written by German filmmaker Christian Alvart, who just made the leap to Hollywood after directing the 2005 horror flick Antibodies. Starring Dennis Quaid, Ben Foster, and Cam Gigandet, Pandorum is about a pair of crew members aboard a spaceship that wake up with no knowledge of their mission or their identities. Courtesy of this week's Entertainment Weekly, we've got our first look at two rather interesting stills from the film, as well as a poster made to sell it, all adding together as our first introduction to this oddly appealing sci-fi film.

Quaid explains: "There's nobody around, we can't get anybody on the radio. We can't even recall what our mission is." The second photo shows Ben Foster waking up (angrily) in his sleeping chamber. Additionally, we've added a small poster that was created as art to help sell the film, since it just started shooting a few weeks ago. The poster actually says "From the Makers of Resident Evil" (referring to Paul W.S. Anderson as producer) and includes the tagline "You Are All That is Left of Us" at the bottom. The image looks like the spaceship from the film, as far as I can tell so far. Very interesting details so far. What do you think?


Two crewmen awaken from hyper-sleep aboard a spacecraft. None of their equipment is working, and their memories are incomplete. What was their mission? How much time has passed? Where are they? Who are they? As they try to piece things together, they discover they are not alone, and the ship's new inhabitants - tribal warriors carrying crudely made weapons - are moving among them, intent on killing all aboard. As the space travelers unravel the frightening and deadly secrets the ship harbors, they realize the survival of mankind hinges on their actions. They must regain control of the ship before Pandorum takes over.

Actor Cam Gigandet actually talked about the film in an interview with MTV two weeks ago. Apparently it hasn't even start shooting yet, as he was just about to head off to Berlin to start filming at the time. He explains a bit more about the story, saying "they're trying to find a different place to live, basically, and things go horribly wrong. It's about them figuring out the problem." Gigandet also cryptically mentions that it "could be in the future, but it could not be," but I don't really know if that has any play into the actual plot. We'll bring you any more updates we can on Pandorum as soon as hear more - stay tuned!


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