Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Tekken Movie "R" rated??

We learn today that the Tekken movie may be getting a restricted rating. We get wind of this news from our friends at firstshowing:

While at the press junket for Hellboy II today in Los Angeles, Luke Goss said that he “thinks” the Tekken movie in the works will end being rated R. Like Street Fighter, Tekken is a live-action adaptation of a very popular platform fighting video game from Namco. The film is being directed by Dwight H. Little, of Rapid Fire, Free Willy 2, “Prison Break”, and “Bones”, and has a script penned by Alan B. McElroy, of Spawn, Wrong Turn, and The Marine. Not the most talented individuals involved unfortunately. Is the prospect of an R-rated Tekken more interesting than a PG-13 rated Street Fighter?

To answer Alex’s question - I would say in theory yes. In a movie where violence is a large part of the story, you have much more freedom with an R rating. Even if the film ends up getting a PG rating - I think you should film it anticipating that you may get an R. When your ceiling is higher, you are able to take risks; I can’t imagine the PG - 13 rating being very conducive to quality violence. Awesome violence is what these films should be all about - because that is what made the games great in the first place.


  1. Please guys im begging you please if you can release tekken on XBOX360 you will have so much support i promise you please guys


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