Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Peter Berg brings back hercules

When you've made a very modern tale of a troubled man struggling to live with his super powers, what's left but to tackle a mythical yet tormented Greek hero? Peter Berg, who directed Will Smith to box office success in Hancock, will reboot one ot the original superheroes, Hercules, according to Variety.
Hercules is a character that has been around for ages, but has only recently been seen again in this new comic book series published in May through Radical Publishing. As you can see from the publisher's official website, this comic has a much different story than the Hercules we're all familiar with. Either way, it looks like a very brutal and bloody comic that I hope can be adapted with as much intensity as the comic. I really was not impressed with Berg's Hancock, but I blame the script, because I otherwise enjoyed The Kingdom quite a bit. I will say that Hercules, whether adapted from this comic or otherwise, is not a character that I'm the least bit excited to see return to the big screen. I'd rather watch the 1981 Clash of the Titans or even Disney's animated 1997 Hercules than see Berg try and bring a PG-13 live-action Hercules back to life.

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