Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Monsters Vs Aliens Promo Cards

Dreamworks Animation has released eight promotional trading cards showcasing the creatures and characters of their upcoming 3D computer animated film Monsters vs. Aliens.

I haven’t been that impressed by Dreamworks Animation unless it has had the word KungFu Panda in the title, so I don’t instantly get butterflies in my stomach when I hear they are working on something new.

There is a big difference between a Kid’s Movie and a Family friendly movie and studios like Pixar have nailed that formula to the wall! Dreamworks tends to lean a little more to one side or the other, and this one looks to be leaning towards Kid.

The characters look silly, but its animation. I don’t think they were going for “gritty real” here. And there is little to differentiate what makes a monster and what makes an alien. Are monsters just alien types that live on earth? Some predictable “we are all different in our own special way” type moral will be tagged on here.

This is just a first glimpse for me, so maybe my opinion will change, but for a first impression all I can say is that it made me chuckle that the President looks like Ronnie Regan. The voice cast looks pretty impressive too, but that is expected.

You can see an enbiggened look at the cards by Going Here.

What do you expect from this????

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