Tuesday, July 8, 2008

American Gangster Too

Here’s one we missed yesterday - Universal are developing a sequel to the 2007 hooligan riff “American Gangster”.

I know what you’re all thinking: “Great. Finally, they’ll tell the rest of the story – they’ll get to the good stuff. Here comes the film they should’ve told first-time around – the one where the ex-cop defends the ex-crook” (After working as a prosecutor, cop Ritchie Roberts became a criminal defense attorney, and still works as one today. Ironically, the first person he defended was Frank Lucas, for the same crime for which he prosecuted him.).

Doubtful we’ll get any of that “good stuff” here, folkidorians. Word is, “AG 2” is likely a direct-to-DVD offering, and based on who CHUD says is starring in it - salsa singer Domingo Quiñones - it’s unlikely we’re going to be treated to a sequel featuring the same characters (sure-as-shit Crowe and Washington won’t be back for it) as the first film, but more so a film that shares similarities with Ridley Scott’s film, but for the most part is just thieving it’s name (Think “Carlito’s Way : Rise to Power” or “American Pie : The Naked Mile”). It’s all the rage, ya know?

Universal are currently working on a few direct-to-DVD sequels - “Without a Paddle 2″, a new “Beethoven” pic, etc - so wouldn’t surprise me at all if Blockbuster will be where this thing makes its debut.

According to CHUD’s scooper, the salsa singer will be playing an undercover Mexican cop in the film. The scenes in which he participates in will be shot in Puerto Rico in a few months.

Stay Tuned for more on “American Gangster : Assignment Miami Beach” – or whatever tag they award it – as it comes to hand.

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