Monday, June 2, 2008

New Lost Boys Images Online

Warner has released some images showing some of the main characters, Corey (Frog) Feldman, Tad Hilgenbrink, Angus Sutherland and Autumn Reeser.

What you guys about this?
It says NOTHING to me...


  1. Just a thought...I think Angus Sutherland should be in more leading roles, he's too hot to NOT be in movies as often. He was so gorgeous in The Lost Boys 2-The Tribe. All I can say is WOW, those Sutherland boys have good genes. I've checked with and he's got a list but I still want more of him, I love his grin and dimples even when he's not smiling those dimples just drive me crazy. I wonder if they'll make a part 3 since (movie spoiler alert do not kep reading if you don't ant to know what happened in Part 2)........................... Okay I wonder if there'll be a part 3 since they didn't throw his head away, I don't know if someone can reattach it or what, but they didn't throw it far from the body like they did with that man on the beach.

  2. he is so fine. thats the only reason whi i continued to watch this film

  3. He is so Hot In That Leather Jacket I Have One

  4. I agree Angus is hot as heck! Kiefer is just as hot until today I didn't know they were brothers. Donald you make some hot looking boys!!! I would love to see Kiefer and Angus in the same Vampire movie. I think i'd watch it over and over.

    Trust me as being a female race car driver I have the pleasure of seeing alot of hot guys but these two and in the same movie OOOHHH MAN!!!