Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Tom Cruise in Mission: Impossible 4

It appears that saving the human race from the Cylons by spreading the word of L. Ron Hubbard will have to wait — Tom Cruise needs to make another Mission: Impossible movie first. Reports are coming out of Access Hollywood today that Cruise is currently in talks with Paramount over a fourth installment to the long-dead Mission: Impossible series, which began back in 1996. Since then, the three films in the series have grossed over $1.4 billion dollars at the box office worldwide.

As Access Hollywood reports, this comes on the heals of reports that Cruise has also made nice with Paramount CEO Sumner Redstone, as they have been seen recently dining together.

Alright, here comes the part where you must endure my opinion on this matter — Mission: Impossible 3 was just okay. It was probably only okay because of a dude named J.J. Abrams, whereas Tom Cruise was less than stunning as an action hero in his third go-round. Honestly, the third film is where this series should end — I see no reasonable, creative value in making a fourth film. That is not to say though, that there isn’t financial justification for a fourth film — as I mentioned before, the series has grossed over $1.4 billion, with the lowest box office output being the $395 million that the third installment brought in when it kicked off the summer of 2006. And that seems to always be the case, whether we like it or not. In this day and age, if it is going to make a profit, Hollywood is going to commit it to celluloid. It is sad, but it is the reality of the situation nonetheless.

Sound Off: Does a fourth Mission: Impossible film interest you at all?

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