Monday, May 19, 2008

Indiana Jones Review's

What Others think About it

“Directed by newcomer Stephen Spielberg, produced/written by first-timer George Lucas, with the help of their fresh-out-of-music-academy pal John Williams, one could easily mark this one up for beginners luck. (For those of you who missed the irony of the previous sentence, let me warn you that puberty is going to be rough when you get there.) Seriously though, it is all too common for a dream team like this one to assume that because they are all the gods of the silver screen, they self assuredly rest back on their laurels and crimp off a steaming box-office stinker. I’m pleased to report that played the game like it was 1980 again – Indy is back!” – J. Anthony Lucas, Moviehole

“In some ways Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull brings up the Live Free or Die Hard dilemma, but times ten - unlike that series, the Indy films have always had a guiding vision, and most of the original creators are back. When reviewing Live Free, I had to wonder whether to treat it as a Die Hard movie or like a summer action movie; as it was sold as a Die Hard movie, I felt that it was fair to critique it as one. That fairness applies even more here, where it's not just the franchise but everybody else back for a belated fourth round. It isn't just that I expect more from an Indiana Jones movie, it's that I expect more from a Steven Spielberg movie. As much as I cringed at the things that felt all too Lucas in the film, I have to lay the blame at Spielberg's feet. He's the one who kept coming back to those CGI prairie dogs.” – Devin Feraci, CHUD

‘’ There’s a lot of magic in this film. A lot of it. I don’t think you have to be a chapter and verse fan of Indiana Jones to love it. Yes, LOVE IT. I think you just have to let go, believe and be willing to have another adventure with INDIANA JONES… because nobody, anywhere does it like Indy.” – Harry Knowles, Aint it Cool News

“I went into Kingdom of the Crystal Skull ready to dispense with the silly notion that Harrison Ford was too old to play Indiana, and walked out uncomfortable with the certainty that now the best way to describe Dr. Jones is not as dashing or daring, but as feisty. Anybody who’s any kind of an Indiana Jones fan (and who isn’t?) will no doubt find fun in this final chance to see Harrison back in the hat, but it’s hard not to wonder if we might not have been happier in the long run with Indiana Jones as a mythical figure somewhere off in the distance, never aging, never changing, and living solely for the rush of adrenaline that comes with adventure.” – Josh Tyler, Cinemablend.

“Instead of the breathless action of previous films, though, this one gets draggy and repetitive in the middle, with Indy and Co. traipsing through various tombs, searching by torchlight for clues to the origin of the mysterious and powerful Crystal Skull of Akator.” – Christy Lemire, AP

“What were they thinking?", popped into my mind while walking out of the latest Indiana Jones installment. I know, that's not a nice way to begin a movie review, but it's the truth and as we all know in life, sometimes the truth hurts. Even more hurtful may be a similar response shared by fans when they give this sequel record breaking millions of dollars come opening weekend. "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull' is by no means a bad movie. In fact there were many occasions where I did indeed feel like a kid again and the spectacle as well as nostalgic moments in the film gave me goosebumps. But those moments are too few and far between” – Ron Henriques, Latino Review

‘’Sections of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull are a great deal of fun. I felt jazzed and charged during a good 60% or even 70% of it. I was more than delighted at times. What a pleasure, I told myself over and over, to swim in a first-rate, big-budget action film that throws one expertly-crafted thrill after another at you, and with plotting that's fairly easy to understand, dialogue that's frequently witty and sharp, and performances -- Harrison Ford, Shia LeBouf and Cate Blanchett's, in particular -- that are 90% delctable from start to finish.’’ – Jeffrey Wells, Hollywood Elsewhere

‘’.. begins with an actual big bang, then gradually slides toward a ho-hum midsection before literally taking off for an uplifting finish” – Todd McCarthy, Variety

“No, it’s not as good as “Raiders of the Lost Ark.” Don’t be silly. Lightning can’t be bottled twice, no matter how skilled the vintners. Instead, Steven Spielberg's “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” is merely grand old-school fun – a rollicking class reunion that stands as the second best entry in the venerable series. Premiering Sunday at the Cannes Film Festival and opening worldwide on Thursday, the new movie is leagues better than 1984’s nasty “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom” and blessed with more snap and heart – more fun – then 1989’s pro forma “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.” All that's lacking is a genuine sense of surprise. It's very possible that was left out on purpose.” – Ty Burr, Boston Globe

‘’The film is fast-moving, fun and occasionally inventive (the man-eating ants are a nice touch). But its success rides almost entirely on Ford, who brightens the action -- always improbable, occasionally ludicrous -- with physical humor and rascally charm. He wears the role so naturally that his supporting actors often seem to be faking it.’’ – Rafer Guzman, Newsday

"Boldness points for Spielberg et al for using aliens as a villain - bet you never thought you'd see a flying saucer in an Indiana Jones movie -- but on the whole the script is flat, the motives are murky and, outside of one mountaintop car chase involving swords, monkeys and some thrillingly vertiginous angles, most of the action scenes are noisy and uninspired, and likely to yield more than a few pejorative comparisons to a video game. They're in a jungle! They're in a restricted military area! They're in a temple! Each level is adequate in its own right, we suppose, but narratively they add up to little more than your average XBox title." - Steven Zeitchik, THR

"When you think about it, all the pre-release interest the film has generated is not completely rational. Given its cast, crew and pedigree, it was likely to fall within a very narrow range in terms of quality, and be either a worse- or better-than-average Indiana Jones film. It turns out it's one of the good ones, and everyone involved can breathe a sigh of relief." - Kenneth Turan, The LA Times

"Though the first act drags a bit, the latter two-thirds of the film pick up the pace, and the film is packed with all the familiar elements fans have come to expect from Indiana Jones. John Williams's classic score still thrills, and the film, for the most part, meets the expectations set when you hear those familiar first bars of the theme song. Harrison Ford is older, of course (aren't we all), but still brings the role all the charm, daring and humor Indy should have." - Kim Voynar, Cinematical

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